Frequently asked questions

In votings, what do the four categories stand for?

  1. Overall

    The subjective overall impression, without thinking of anything specific

  2. Musicality

    Melodiousness and harmoniousness

  3. Originality

    Is it breath of fresh air or the same old story?

  4. Technique

    Mastery of the instrument and tone

What is a battle?

A battle is a competetive jam for two jammers over a specific backing track and agreed-upon rules.

  • It is based on a backing track which both jammers must use as a basis
  • Both jammers have to record an audio track playing over the backing track within the preparation phase
  • After the preparation phase, the voting phase starts, where any user can vote for their preferred jam-contribution
  • When the voting phase is over, the winner for each category is determined

What is a contest?

A contest is a jam where any jammer can play over an agreed-upon backing track.

  • Any jammer can contribute a jam track
  • Each contribution can be rated by any user individually.
  • A contest is over when there has not been a new contribution for some days

What is karma?

You get karma as a reward for "good" things you do on this site, but may also lose some for "bad" things.

  • Audio uploaded for jam (and jam started voting phase): +5
  • Audio used in a Jam as backing-track: +5
  • Audio not uploaded for jam (during preparation time): -10
  • Backed out of Jam: -5
  • Backed out of (as creator): -10
Your karma will never go below -10.

How do I report content?

Please use this link: Report Content